Shandong Steadily International Trade Co.,Ltd

Since its establishment, the company has made great contributions to the power industry for more than 20 years and has won a good reputation. And with the registration of International Trade Co., Ltd. in 2018, from the domestic market to the global market. The company has strong technical strength, complete product testing equipment, and implements three-level inspection of product quality (in-process production inspection, storage inspection, and factory inspection).

Hot Products

    • Electrician Paper Bag Round Copper Wire

      Electrician Paper Bag Round Copper Wire

      ●Product Name: Cable paper covered wire ●Product introduction: The cable paper covered wire is an electric wire which is extruded or drawn by an electric round copper rod or an electric round aluminum rod through a certain specification of a mold, and then wrapped on a copper (aluminum)...

    • Electrician Paper Bag Flat Aluminum Wire

      Electrician Paper Bag Flat Aluminum Wire

      ●Product Instruction: Paper wrapped winding wire is made up of bare from oxygen free copper rod or electrical aluminum rod by drawing or extruding processing and wrapped by insulation materials.paper covered single wire , with insulation wrapping in the outside layer ●Product classification As...