Double glass wire covered wire manufacturers

- Oct 30, 2018-

Industrial sewing machine motor: After certification and development, it started to be replaced in early 2007 and has been put into the market. UPS transformers: Well-known UPS companies at home and abroad have already requested the use of dual-fiber wire-wrapped manufacturers' transformers, and the transformer replacement in this industry is basically completed. .

Small motors for home appliances: such as bottle opener motors, juice blender motors, water pump motors, fan motors, household fan motors, etc., all began to be mass-produced with double glass wire.

Air-conditioning iron shell motor: In 2006, Korean air-conditioner manufacturers proposed the development of double glass wire covered wire for some domestic motor manufacturers. Then the motor company began research and testing. After one year of verification and testing, the technical requirements can be met. Until 2008, the replacement of double glass stranded wires on air-conditioning iron shell motors has gradually begun.

Washing induction motor: At present, the double glass wire covered wire has passed the preliminary prototype test and performance verification. Each washing motor enterprise is ready to be ready and can be replaced at any time.