Various uses of enameled copper flat wire

- Oct 30, 2018-

The general purpose enameled copper flat wire is mainly used for the winding wire of general motor, electrical instrument transformer and other working occasions, such as polyester enameled wire modified polyester enameled wire.

We know that the enameled copper flat wire is mainly used for winding wires of motors, electrical instrument transformers and other working places working at temperatures above 180 °C, such as polyester imide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire and polyester enameled wire, and polyester. Imine polyamide-imide composite enameled wire.

Enamelled copper flat wires also have special applications for winding wires with certain quality characteristics and for specific applications, such as polyurethane enameled wire solderability and self-adhesive enameled wire.