Analysis Of The Status Quo Of Flat Bare Copper Production

- Oct 30, 2018-

Flat bare copper is a kind of copper wire, the shape is flat, there is no coating or insulating glue, mainly for industrial use, generally needs further processing, its electrical and thermal conductivity is very good, many companies have low production process and equipment is backward. It is difficult to produce flat bare copper of excellent quality.

Many companies have misunderstood the meaning of skill introduction and equipment import, which makes imported equipment unable to form a different advantage. This is also an important reason for the formation of quality convergence and excessive competition of special lines. The quality of flat bare copper and the value of the brand are known to lack product quality. The question of instability and poor consistency is also quite universal;

The company's own ability to innovate and manufacture is always imitating the manufacture of flat bare copper in foreign countries. If these problems still exist, it is a big problem for companies that want to develop bigger and bigger. To deal with these problems, At the skill level, we must strengthen in-depth research on data use learning, technology optimization and testing skills, and continue to pile up to improve the company's own skills.