Enameled Wire Related Knowledge

- Oct 30, 2018-

Dimensions: The nominal value of the dimensions of the copper round enameled wire refers to the conductor diameter of the enameled wire.

Type of insulating paint film: refers to the type of material of the underlying insulating material, usually PU, PE, PEI, PAI, PI.

Composite paint film type: refers to the type of surface insulation material of the composite coated enameled wire, commonly used PAI, nylon, self-adhesive paint.

Film thickness: refers to the thickness of the insulation layer. NEMA MW1000, JIS C 3202, IEC 60317 standard classifies and defines the film thickness. Customers usually have their own special requirements.

Stranded wire: refers to a plurality of enameled wires twisted together according to a certain structure, usually with a wire package, Mylar, extruded outer layer, stranded wire can effectively reduce the "skin effect", and is widely used in high frequency appliances.

Color: For processing convenience, the enameled wire can be colored, usually with natural colors, red, green, blue and brown.

Flat wire: The conductor of the flat wire is formed into a flat shape with respect to the round wire. In addition to the above elements, the size of the flat wire is determined by the thickness and the width.