Introduction Of Copper Wire Aluminum Wire

- Oct 30, 2018-

1. Load power: copper wire and aluminum wire with the same cross-sectional area. The load power of the copper wire is greater than that of the aluminum wire.

2. Flexibility: The copper wire is flexible, easy to bend and strong against fatigue. The aluminum wire is relatively easy to break when bent.

3. Stability: The aluminum wire is very easy to oxidize, which makes the electrical resistance larger, reduces the wire load, and is prone to safety problems. But the stability of the copper core is very good.

4. Resistivity: The resistivity of the copper wire is small, which is lower than 1.68 times of the resistivity of the aluminum wire, resulting in a relatively large power loss of the aluminum wire, and the heat is relatively serious, which affects the utilization rate of electricity.

5. Price: The price of aluminum wire is much cheaper than that of copper wire. The price of copper wire is generally 3.5 times that of aluminum wire, and copper wire is heavier than aluminum wire.