Paper Covered Aluminum Wire

Paper Covered Aluminum Wire

NOMEX paper covered wire is a wire extruded by an electric round copper rod or an electric round aluminum rod through a mold of a certain specification, and then wound by a T410 type NOMEX insulating paper produced by DuPont of the United States, mainly used for transformers. , welding machine,...

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Our mission is to become an innovative supplier of high-tech digital and communication devices by providing value added design, world-class manufacturing, and service capabilities for Polyester Enamelled Aluminum Wire, NOMEX Paper Wrapped Copper Wire, Bare Round Aluminum Wire. The company serves customers wholeheartedly adhering the tenet of 'quality assured, honesty-based'. Our company has strong strength, attaches great importance to credit, abides by the contract, ensures the product quality and wins the trust of customers with the principle of diversified business characteristics and small profit and high sales. Therefore, employees must have a sense of loyalty to the company, a sense of mission, a strong sense of responsibility for their work, the courage to assume responsibility and perform their duties.

NOMEX paper covered wire is a wire extruded by an electric round copper rod or an electric round aluminum rod through a mold of a certain specification, and then wound by a T410 type NOMEX insulating paper produced by DuPont of the United States, mainly used for transformers. , welding machine, electromagnet or other similar electrical equipment product windings. The bare copper (aluminum) wire produced by the extrusion process is the most ideal material for the production of NOMEX paper covered wire.

●Production Scope

Conductor of Paper wrapped  wire

Bare wire   Round Wire:Φ1.00mm—Φ5.00mm

Rectangular Wire thickness  a:1.00mm—5.60mm

                                    Width b:2.00mm—16.00mm

Conductor of Composite wires

Max wrapping layers once: 24 layers for paper covered wire

                                         4 layers per wire and 16 layers outside for composite wires

We could offer products of special requirements on conductor size, insulation layer thickness, or wire number of the composite.

Conductor Materials:

Resistivity :Soft copper wire  ≤ 0.017241Ω•mm²/m  at 20°C

Soft aluminum wire  ≤ 0.028000Ω•mm²/m  at 20°C

Proof stress Rp0.2:soft < 100 N/ mm2,Semi-hard 100-300 N/ mm²,

The deviation of Proof stress Rp0.2 could be +0-20 N/ mm².

●NOMEX paper covered wire technical indicators (enterprise standard)

NOMEX paper is made of 2 mil T410 type NOMEX paper produced by DuPont of the United States.

Product name

Winding method

Number of layers

Insulation thickness mm

Breakdown voltage ≥

NOMEX paper covered wire

















The opposite direction overlaps 1. 5m wrapping




●NOMEX paper envelope advantages

Because of the high electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity of NOMEX paper, it is very flexible, flexible, tear resistant, moisture and abrasion resistant, and very resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, not affected by insects, molds and fungi. Destruction, it is compatible with all kinds of varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants, and refrigerants. Other NOMEX papers have high heat resistance and maintain the original insulation properties even at temperatures up to 220 ° C. Use NOMEX paper bags. Line transformers can bring many economic, environmental and safety benefits to customers.

●Reduce costs, reduce size, and reduce weight

Transformers using NOMEX products can be designed to 180 °C, requiring less wires and cores, reducing size and weight, thereby reducing capital costs and facilitating installation. Small cores also mean no-load losses. small;

●Improve reliability

The transformer winding uses NOMEX paper covered wire to maintain excellent electrical and mechanical properties throughout the life of the transformer. NOMEX paper is resistant to shrinkage, compression, elasticity and unfabrication, and is resistant to thermal shock, thus ensuring transformer coil construction. Tight, no cracks, and NOMEX insulation paper is not sensitive to temperature and dust, improving transformer reliability.

●Increase spare capacity

NOMEX paper has a high heat resistance temperature and maintains the original insulation performance even at temperatures as high as 220 °C. The transformer is designed to use Class C 220 ° C insulation material as Class H 180 ° C, which can cope with emergency overload load and unexpected expansion, which can greatly reduce the backup plan.

●Good environmental performance

NOMEX insulation material has stable chemical properties, safety, flame retardancy, non-toxicity and radiation resistance. It will not release toxic gases even in the event of fire; it does not reflect with solvents, and it is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. When its service life is over, it is easy to recycle, resources can be reused, waste can be degraded, and it will not pollute the environment. It is an environmentally-friendly high-tech product.

●Insulation Materials:

Wrapping materials:  Power Cable Paper, High Density Insulation Paper, heat-resistant insulating paper, clupak paper, Nomex 410, all kinds of self-adhesive paper and other special insulation materials

With our high-quality, efficient management and innovative business philosophy, our company is unique in the Paper Covered Aluminum Wire field and has a high reputation. Our pursuit goals is 'for society, customers, employees, partners and enterprises to seek reasonable benefit'. With the firm belief of high starting point and internationalization, we strive for survival by quality and development by reputation to build our own brand!


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